trainings   DISTANT TRAININGS (web-training)

The main problem in training trade departments is the DIFFICULTY OF SEPARATING THE EMPLOYEES FROM THEIR WORK PROCESS.

Time is sales, and sales are money! That’s a fact!

This difficulty is present in the impossibility of teams to learn and share ideas in real time. If people are located in different offices or regions, the face-to-face communication is something relative. For many years this has been one of the worst issues managers face.

The typical characteristics of trade departments with teams with different locations are dispersion, slow communication and even slower coordination. As a result, the teams’ scores are unsatisfactoring. There are mails, guidelines and reports between the different cities, offices and so on. OK! But the communication between them is NOT IN REAL TIME!

Now there is an easier way to include everyone in the process of training, without requiring absence from the workplace. In this model, everyone sees on his computer what the rest see, and what is being projected by the trainer. Everyone hears what the rest hear and what the trainer says. Everyone can comment, question or communicate in any other way with the rest of the participants WITHOUT LEAVING HIS CHAIR AT WORK!

Web-trainings make it possible to:

  • make product presentations
  • conduct operative team meetings
  • present data for goals, results, etc.
  • gather feedback from employees
  • perform brainsotrming sessions
  • make important decisions with the rest of the team

The advantages of web-trainings:

  • people are educated without moving – working time is being saved
  • no travelling – no transport expences
  • no expences for hotels, dinner, breakfast, etc.
  • conducted in a time, comfortable for the teams

Web-trainings are all about simultaneous actions in REAL TIME, INTERACTIVITY, SPEED, and EFFECTIVENESS. This way of training changes your business because you educate your people at all times from every part of the world, no matter where they are or how far away they are.

Distant web-trainings are:

  • easy
  • reliable
  • pleasant and interactive
  • showing results