New Teambuilding format from ReExe: SALES REALITY – Innovation and Creativity

Let’s have fun together!


Team building is an important part of every environment, which has the purpose of bringing out the best out of its team, to offer development, possitive communication, leadership and collaboration skills. They are achieved via game-oriented activities, often team-oriented, thanks to which, the participants cultivate the ability to work in a team.

Teambuilding Process ReExe:

The Team building service is structured on several related components in a consecutive manner:

1. Synchronization between needs and teambuilding focuses (What are you looking for?):

Key elements/toolkit Research purpose
1Empirical research/sociometric test Team solidarity
2 Research survey/survey card0 Problems in the working process
3 Dialogue with team members Gathering information

2. Assembling Асемблинг (What are we offering?):

  • Choice of location.
  • Conforming the area according to the participants.
  • Defining the games according to the problems and the needs of the team.
  • Choice of methodics.
  • Defining the duration of the teambuilding.
  • Customization of the games towards the company goals.
  • Customization of the games towards the capabilities of the participants
  • Toolkit assembly.
  • Equipment assembly.

3. Teambuilding performance (How are we doing it?):

  • Creating a team profile for every group or for individual persons.
  • Format components (role-play games, role-play scenarios, fizical activities, outsource games)
  • Dynamic analyses – team analysis.
  • Control measurements of the teams based on interaction criteria; level of communication and colaboration.
  • Summarized analysis.
  • Awarding.

4. Feedback/analytical service (What have we accomplished?):

  • Clearly defined responsibilities.
  • Open discussions.
  • Exit tests
  • Exit assessment
  • Rating cards
  • Development and team collaboration reports

5. Development through other services from ReExe (How do we develop from now on?):

  • Conducting of trainings.
  • Professional consultation on problems.

Team building Innovation and Creativity – Let’s have fun together!