The temperature control system is appropriate  for all types of grocery stores,supermarkets and grocery warehouses.The wireless connection and automated reports will provide security for all your products. 


Why do we need temperature control system?

  • Keeping all products fresh
  • Real time notifications when the temperature changes.
  • Taking care of the brand
  • Offer your customers only the best products in order to have good reputation.
  • Remove refrigerator problems before they arise.
  • Reducing resources by automated system.
  • Continuous maintenance helps meet all regulatory requirements.

System Components


Data Collector SensGuard


SensMax temperature sensor

laptopOnline Monitoring application

Application for online monitoring

  • The stores can be filtered by country, city and name
  • Every sensor has individual settings for min/max temperature and detects every difference
  • You can see detailed information about every sensor for different periods of time
  • Цялата история от сензорите се съхранява за да се прави сравнениеAll the information is stored for comparitive analysis
  • Notifications for detected issues are shown in separate report
  • For your convenience there is a map showing the sensor and the place of the temperature malfunction.