• Do you know what is the traffic direction in your store?
  • How many clients visit your store per day and how many of them perform a purchase?
  • Can you properly arrange the working time of your staff with the purpose of optimizing expences and enhancing service?

ReExe gives you this ability with SENSMAX solutions!

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How does the SensMax system work?

The system for customer counting uses infrared beam, which, when crossed, senses movement and counts the visitor. The SensMax technology consists of three components:


Two sensors, forming infrared barriers are put at the point of count. Each visitor, who goes through the barrier is counted. The data is collected every hour from a second type of device, the collector, and is transmitet via internet (TCP/IP) to the required number of managers or employees for further analysis.

What does SensMax do?

Through this technology, you will be able to:

  • Define the exact number of visitors, coming into your store.
  • Analyze the arangment of visits in hors, days, weeks and months.
  • Define the strong and the weak zones in your store. Which are the areas with high concentration and which are not. To see the real track which the visitor follows – which shelves they stop by and which they pass by.
  • To define rush-hour traffic waves.
  • To manage more effectively the stock availabilities at the object. To ensure portfolio and availability at the sales hall before intensive traffic periods.
  • To define the best number of staff members in order to ehnance service quality for all visitors.
  • To define the appropriate time periods (marketing windows) for promotional campaigns.
  • To assess the effectiveness of a particular advertisement campaign. To measure the ratio in the growth of the customer traffic after the start of the commercial and to compare it to the traffic levels before the start.
  • To see which are the most effective communicational channels for future commercial campaigns or marketing activities.
  • To evaluate the effectiveness (sales skills) of the staff, based on the number of active visitors. How many customers came and to whom of them something was sold.
  • To organize the work of the staff so that it does not stand in the way of traffic-waves.
  • To analyze how many cash desks work in the morning, afternoon on eveneing. How many consultants are needed for each shift. Is there a need for hourly payment for the employees.
  • To controll the store’s working time – when does it open and when does it close?

If all these are important for your business, then SensMax is the partner you need for your success!

Why is SensMax a reasonable investment?

  1. High turnover – the total one-time investment for one store in approximately 1/5 of the annual payment of one employee of the same store.
  2. Highly-competitive prices – oriented towards the Client’s needs, the SensMax technology offers the best price levels for the high-quality, installation, training of the staff and perfect post-purchase service.
  3. Fully automatic solutions, independent from employees or specially-trained staff.
  4. Wireless data transfer without the limitations of cabels and networks.
  5. Compatible devices with own electric supply.
  6. PC-independent – the devices do not require direct PC connection in the store, but instead transmit data to a central computer via LAN.
  7. Excelent analytical software, offering many options for reports and analyses.
  8. Control over all store without engaging someone from the stores’ staff wit doing something.
  9. Zero expences for maintenance of the technology and the devices.
  10. Multifunctionality – they can be used for one or more stores.

SensMax’s software – “EasyReport”

allows the easy creation of various reports with tabular data and graphic illustrations. With its help, you will quickly and easily extract important interactive information regarding the analysis of customer traffic.


  • Accessible and suitable for the Bulgarian market.
  • Price advantage, superior to all other technology.
  • Flexible purchase options – direct purchase, leasing.
  • Self-governing and easy to install.
  • Do not require cable connection.
  • With own electric supply (batteries with over 2 years of life).
  • Service guarantee of 24 months.
  • Acquiring all needed information for the device and the software from ReExe.

The SensMax Solutions system may be ordered via

the official distributor for SensMax for Bulgaria – ReExe Ltd.