Since the beginning of 2011, ReExe offers its clients a new professional service, which was highly evaluated by a plethora of companies:

– corporative, product, customer. They contain a pack of effective analytical tools, needed by every company, for keeping track on the in-time trade processes. We measure the levels of key indicators, such as effectiveness, profitability, turnover, dependancies on rations and crossings, etc.

Different companies have different needs – measuring the turnover of an item, deciding whether to start a promotion or not, measuring the turnover (after promotion), measuring the functionality of a trade team, measuiring which items or clients are profitable and which are not, which operations are profitable and which are not, and so on. These needs inspired us to develop and offer a new package of analytical services, which all have the same purpose.

Some TOP indicators included in “Market research, measurements and analyses” are:

  • Market potential (number of objects in a region)
  • Numerical and portfolio distribution
  • Price scan
  • Shelf share
  • Portfolio share
  • Promotional activities
  • Facing (number of people) of the shelf
  • Location of the shelf

The TOP items included in the portfolio of “Trade analyses” are:

  • Analysis of sales on item / client
  • Analysis of turnover
  • Analysis of profitability
  • Analysis of the expence structure of the company
  • Analysis of promotional actions and activities
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of the trade team’s work
  • Analysis of the management of goods in stock…., etc.

ADVANTAGES of the service:

  • Posibility for outsourcing of an external expert-company
  • Lower price value of expences compared to a personal trade analizer.
  • On-time information for the condition of trade processes in your company.
  • Precise measurement from an objective external partner, carrying for your business.

BENEFITS from the service:

  • possibility of letting go or transfering employees (prospectal)
  • alternatives for lowering your expences  (financial)
  • you are in possession of exact information for your positions on the market (market)
  • you increase your company’s profit (general)

In order for you to see the benefits of this type of service, we offer you a FREE demo test of our product. If you are interested, contact us via phone, e-mail or through the contact form in our website.