My feedback for the collaboration with ReExe during the last 8 years can be expressed in the following sentence:
Lyubomir Gaydev, General Manager/ Powermark Ltd.

I want to say thank you to the ReExe team and especially to Borislav Stoyanov for the well done job, for the attention and for the professionalism. Alexander Pope says: “Our judgments, like our watches, none go just alike, yet each believes his own”. With ReExe you will believe in your own watch but you will be sure the watch is correct. Good Luck!
Angel Shahanski, Gommercial Director/Cima 99

Many things can be said about ReExe and their work but the most important skills of George and his team are: outstanding professionalism, propriety, responsibility, competence. The experience George gave to our Sales team in Bulgaria is priceless!
Svetoslav Uzunov, Sales Director/ Rubella Beauty AD

Over the past 3 years of collaboration with ReExe we can say that we are convinced it’s innovative company and has flexibility. All the trainings are individual and are based on the type of business and the specific needs of the client. The professionalism and the high quality of the trainings of ReExe are the reason the company is on one of the top places in Bulgaria.
Mariyana Vutova, Human Resources Specialist / Japan Tobacco International Bulgaria


Best regards to ReExe and especially to Borislav Stoyanov for the wise advices. We asked for help in the field of merchandising. The advices they gave us were really helpful. They motivated to continue improving. We will continue to rely on their own knowledge and judgments.
Vanya Yotova, General Manager / The Red Hous Ltd


If you want to improve your sales performance, ReExe is a right choice!
Nikolay Apostolov, Managing Director- Sales Marketing and Logistics / AGRANA Bulgaria EAD


George Todorov and the ReExe team can find and fix the exact right problem in your company.
Ivan Milev, Sales Manager/ Clio Commerce Ltd


Everyone who is challenging and dealing with demanding task needs someone who gives him inspiration and wise advice. 8 years ago we started our collaboration with ReExe and since then they were our wise counselor in many cases. Good Luck!
eng.Sotir Nemov, General Manager/ SI7 Commercial Ltd.


It was a pleasure for me to work together with ReExe and I hope we will continue our collaboration in other projects. The trainings were really useful and motivational. It was interesting to me how you held the attention all the time. There were a lot of examples for real-time situations and they helped is to learn more quickly all the information. I recommend the trainings of ReExe to other people!
Petar Petrov, Field Sales Manager/HENKEL Beauty Care


To leave a mark behind you means to find yourself. To find yourself means to know what you want to do. If you do it with pleasure and passion you achieve good results. That’s how ReExe is found. George Todorov is the first Sales manager of Tandem. He and his team left a lasting mark in our company. Thank you. I’m grateful from the bottom of my heart. I believe in the benefits you bear to all your clients. Good luck!
Kiril Vatev, General Manager/ Tandem-V Ltd


ReExe is the perfect choice for companies that want to be successful leaders in the customer care service and sales effectiveness. The outstanding professionalism of the team of ReExe is complemented by unique technological solutions. ReExe is known with their interest about the success and the results of their clients. Еvery time you get more than what you expected.
Ana Todorova, HR Manager/ Allianz Bulgaria


We choose ReExe for our partner in the training process of our Sales team. 3 years of collaboration with them and we are improving at a rapid pace. We appreciate the help of our coach – George Todorov who made a name for himself as a professional.
arch. eng. Klimentin Chernev, Managing Director/ ALUKOENIGSTAHL Bulgaria