In order to be part of our team, you must be like us. This means to share and follow our 10 simple ReExe rules:

Clients are our most important asset.
There are not small or large clients. There are only well-served and badly-served ones.
There are not good or bad clients. There are only clients who come back again and clients who forget about us.
Open behavior, positive attitude and clear business intentions – these are our strongest qualities in front of the clients.
Our mission is to develop our clients’ businesses, and through them, ours as well.
Each one of us knows in details his specific month priorities and his weekly tasks.
Each one of us gives his best for every project in the company.
No matter the task establishement, the INITIATIVE comes from the employees.
Each one of us in ReExe is there thanks to his own PERSONAL choice. This is why our team does not tolerate whining, complaining and procrastinating. If you don’t like the job, you are free to go!
Everyone has the freedom of offering new IDEAS 24/7, but supported with arguments, facts, and, if possible, a plan for execution.

Please send your CV and motivational letter to our e-mail address If either ReExe Team or some of our clients show interest in you, we will make sure to contact you ASAP.

Thank you and Best Regards,

ReExe Team