Our Management Team

George Todorov
George TodorovFounder of ReExe Ltd.
  • CEO
  • Chief trainer of the company
  • Manager “Corporative trainings,” “E-trainings”
  • Marketing and PR manager of the company

More than 15 years of practical professional experience in trade management and sales. George is the one who always tends to inspire the rest to show their best.


Borislav Stoyanov
Borislav StoyanovManager co-partner.
  • CFO
  • Manager “Trade consulting,” manager “Market measurements and analyses.”
  • Administrative manager of the company

More than 7 years of real practical experience in trade cases of companies and corporations. Borislav is strongly oriented in cooperative teamwork and is ready to help each and every one, no matter the difficulty of the problem.


Иван Джамбазов
Иван Джамбазов Управляващ съдружник, треньор, мениджър оперативни проекти,
Васил Стоилов
Васил Стоилов Управляващ съдружник, финансов мениджър

Иван Станков
Иван Станков треньор IT направление, мениджър дигитален маркетинг, уеб-оптимизация и дигитални ресурси