• establishment of the company – December 24th, 2006
  • development of over 260 modules for sales trainings

  • launch of professional sales trainings for operative and manager prospects
  • creation of a complete training system for training professional prospects

  • introduction of trade consulting
  • development of analytical and processing methods for managing sales and distribution through real on-the-field marketing tests

  • creation of models for trade analyses and company, marketing, team and product reports
  • introduction of an organized management system of methods, procedures and actions for managing sales

  • establishment of a modern up-to-date web-platform for electronic trainings, tests and instructions
  • development of individual “e-trade academies” for companies for some of our clients

  • launch of the national marketing measurements and analyses
  • establishment of comfortable and effective tools for analysis, control and management of sales – “Smart Exe”

  • launch of the new system for customer and consumer counting – “SensMax”
  • development of new analytical models and methods for consumers’ counting and analyzing

  • launch of new training program ICT “Internal Company Trainers”
  • development of the new sales and marketing training units for oparative and managing staff

  • development and launch of the new digital  tools for market’s research and measurements in real time
  • development of the new digital tools for functional controling for sales and marketing staff

  • extension of the coverage for market measurement, analysis and “mystery shopper” in more than 70 cities and over 12,000 POS
  • extension of the “scanning force”

  • implementing new IR Technologies for people counting solutions
  • expanding the company’s operations in Romania

  • implementing new Video/Mac address technologies and solutions for managing ana analysing the traffic
  • executing projects for multinational companies
  • development of 100% practical training modules