The lessons you learn today will benefit you tomorrow

Our clients put the Professional Sales Trainings of ReExe in Top 3 in Bulgaria.

The lessons we learn today will benefit us tomorrow. The things that we improve now will make us more successful tomorrow. Our advice to you is simple – Don’t stop! Don’t stop learning, don’t stop trying and don’t be afraid even you make mistakes because everyone does. If you want to be on top – there is only one decision. Learn! Improve! Practice! We believe in that!

Here is the proof.

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We help those who have dedicated themselves to Sales and Trading.

Тhe world is constantly changing. Markets, products, customers, process – everything changes. Therefore everyday we should develop new sales skills. The experience we have so far is not enough. Yesterday’s information is not reliable. We help those for who I WANT and I CAN are the same things.

Market Research and Analyses

Information is a crucial resource for every company.
The correct structure and analysis of information is the KEY for succesfull determination of a company’s goals. Only the reliable and up-to-date information can help managers make… SEE MORE

Trade Consulting

In modern competitive environment the professional analysis is not enough.
The correct choice for action (trade strategy, distributional channel, promo activities, positioning of portfolio or price) will help you to successfully develop your market share. The ReExe Team can help you… SEE MORE

Corporative Trade Trainings

People are one of the most important resource for every company.
The correctly picked, trained and effectively used people are the KEY for achieving the company’s goals. Only educated and capable people can reach them. Training people today means investing in the… SEE MORE


ReExe is one of the first companies to offer this new educational form.
This allows companies to train their staff from different regions/offices at the same time, without getting in the way of their work, without losing time, and without the expenses from all these. The barriers that used to… SEE MORE

Sales Market Audit

Sales Controlling, POS Controlling, Mystery Shopper, Facts Registration
The main questions all the managers ask themselves are: How can I use the real-time results? How can I make faster decisions with less analysis? How can I make effective decisions outside the office? SEE MORE

People Counting Systems

Do you know what is the traffic direction in your store?
Do you know how many clients visit your store per day and how many of them perform a purchase? Can you properly arrange the working time of your staff with the purpose of optimizing expenses and enhancing service? SEE MORE


With their help you can save time in creating sales reports and easily process large amounts of data.
They will help you to quickly receive information on key performance indicators /month profit, number of active items, number of active clients, average profit per client… SEE MORE

WEB Trainings

The largest problem in training trade departments is the difficulty of separating the employees from their trade process.
In this form of training, the connection of trainer – trained is kept, while the distance is no longer a barrier for the training. Distant trainings can… SEE MORE


We value our customers and appreciate your feedback.

The reviews we receive from our customers are the most important thing for us. Thank you!


My feedback for the collaboration with ReExe during the last 14 years can be expressed in the following sentence:
Lyubomir Gaydev, CEO/ Powermark Ltd.

Everyone who is challenging and dealing with demanding task needs someone who gives him inspiration and wise advice. 8 years ago we started our collaboration with ReExe and since then they were our wise counselor in many cases. Good Luck!
eng. Sotir Nemov, General Manager/ SI7 Commercial Ltd
Many things can be said about ReExe and their work but the most important skills of George and his team are: outstanding professionalism, propriety, responsibility, competence. The experience George gave to our Sales team in Bulgaria is priceless!
Svetoslav Uzunov, Sales Director/ Rubella Beauty AD
We choose ReExe for our partner in the training process of our Sales team. 3 years of collaboration with them and we are improving at a rapid pace. We appreciate the help of our coach – George Todorov who made a name for himself as a professional.
arch. eng. Klimentin Chernev, Managing Director/ ALUKOENIGSTAHL Bulgaria
To leave a mark behind you means to find yourself. To find yourself means to know what you want to do. If you do it with pleasure and passion you achieve good results. That’s how ReExe is found. George Todorov is the first Sales manager of Tandem. He and his team left a lasting mark in our company. Thank you. I’m grateful from the bottom of my heart. I believe in the benefits you bear to all your clients. Good luck!
Kiril Vatev, General Manager/ Tandem-V Ltd


We are proud of our customers!

“To be rich is not to have a lot of gold and treasures. Rich people are the people who have the trust of their customers.